The revolutionary tool for anyone who wants to leave nothing undetected.


Providing value and news daily

How the FAZ meets the needs of new reader generations. 

The situation

Hundreds of new news, articles and reports pounce on us every day. The news stream is passing us at high speed. To filter out the relevant news out of the sea of information is our goal.

The idea

The app learns which topics are interesting in what depth for every single user. This knowledge in relation to other, comparable users brings the personal gems to the very forefront of the app. We call this tool
"FAZ Discover".

FAZ Discover

The results

Discovery users are more engaged and more likely to purchase premium subscriptions.

1 %

more read articles

1 %

longer stay in the app

1 x

more conversions 

Editorial excellence

The important events are filtered, weighted and commented by the FAZ editorial team on a minimum basis. The result is the unique FAZ news picture.

Dynamic getting to know the interests

Analysis of more than 300,000 data points. Every day.
The result is the recommendation algorithm.

Machine Learning Predictions

Big data creates the basis for the high hit rate of the „FAZ DISCOVER“ tool.


Discover and be inspired

The personal area created exclusively through the activation of „FAZ DISCOVER“. It increases the utility value through accentuated modules.

"FAZ DISCOVER increases the utility value through accentuated modules."
Thomas Schultz-Homberg